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About T-Rex Hydro Excavation and Industrial Vacuum Services


T-Rex, founded in 2001, is a leader in providing hydro excavation and industrial vacuum services.  Our experience spans multiple industry sectors and applications, including:

Hydro Excavation Services Truck | T-Rex ServicesT-Rex owns, operates and maintains a fleet of GapVax vacuum excavation and industrial vacuum trucks – representing the world’s most advanced vacuum technology.  T-Rex trucks and equipment deliver power, performance and versatility.

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum Excavation – also known as “daylighting”, is the non-destructive process of using high pressure streams of water or air to break up ground and excavate while simultaneously using a high air flow vacuum which sucks up the soil, debris, dirt, rock, etc. – thereby allowing a visual observation of the buried underground utilities or infrastructure.

The process is safer, faster, non-destructive and “more telling” than any other method of excavation or locating.

The process delivers a safe, clean and precise excavation while eliminating potential damage to the buried utility, underground infrastructure or facility.   
For additional information about our hydro excavation and industrial services, please contact us @ 713.783.3363 or contact us through the web site.