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Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control with Hydro Excavation Services

T-Rex not only provides high quality hydro excavation services, we can also provide Cathodic Protection Services all over the state of Texas! CAD welding, test lead, or anode installation at the same time.  T-Rex is :
  • NACE CP1 & CP2 Certified
  • operator qualifications certified in:
  • 190 Q Anode Installation
  • 190 Q Coating Repair
  • 190 Q Test Lead Installation
Our corrosion clients have been complaining that the "other guys" have long lead times and lack a sense of urgency.  They know T-Rex understands their timeline and is committed to being the subcontractor they can trust so, they asked us to assist them in their cathodic protection business.  Not only do we have the right attitude,  we have the diverse fleet with the best truck for the right job.  If you have a simple 3' deep anode to install we will use our Vacmaster 4000.  If you have a deeper dig that might be in harder ground we will use our Prodigy unit...which digs with either air excavation or water / hydro excavation.  If the ground is too hard for "air knife" work then we simply switch over to hydro excavation mode and finish the hole.  If you have a deep install of 20' to 40' then we bring in one of our Gap Vax big boys to git-er-done. 
We will be happy to provide just vacuum excavation services or be a SUB for:
  • CAD welding
  • Installation of test leads
  • Installation of anodes
  • Pre-railroad audit field checks
  • Electronic line locating and sign maintenance
  • Clearing shorted casings
  • Excavation site line locating and inspection
  • Vent pipe repairs or replacement
  • Cathodic protection testing
  • Electric substation ground bed wire CAD welding and installations
  • Coating repair, be it two part epoxy, mastic, wax, or cap installation

When was the last time you could call and reach a real live person to talk about your excavation project? 

At T-Rex we have 4 dedicated offices to support all your hydrovac needs. With offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Odessa, we help clients in Texas and all the surrounding states. Contact one of our sales team to learn how T-Rex can help you:

  • For Houston:
    • Karl Lassberg: 281.830.0052
    • Trey Secor: 281.660.9917
  • For Dallas:
    • Mike Coulter: 972.955.6464
  • For Odessa:
    • Mike Coulter: 432.614.7379
  • For San Antonio, Austin & South Texas
    • Matt Pace  210.305.6990
  • For Beaumont, Golden Triangle & Louisiana
    • Tim Mock 281.900.8465
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