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T-Rex Safety with Hydro Excavation Services

T-Rex has advanced safety training that is required to work refineries, substations, and even nuclear facilities. 
The industrial training allows us to really "show up" on civil projects and often be ahead of the curve. 
Our full time HSE director manages our extensive site specific trainings, TWIC certifications, OQ certification, hazwoper,  drug testing, and JSA procedures. 
Bottom line, T-Rex digs safe!  Feel free to check us out on IS Networld or any of our safety affiliations on our T-Rex Associations page!

Hydro Excavation Safety Articles

Each week at T-Rex we focus on different Hydro Excavation Safety Topic. From Eye Safety to Overhead Hazards, you can catch a glimps of our HydroVac Safety Topics in the Hydro Excavaction Articles here >>

Improved safety and damage prevention top the list of key benefits of hydro excavation services. An underground utility strike can be catastrophic, affecting thousands of people and costing millions of dollars. A single incident may cause personal injury or death, property damage, lost work opportunity, community disruption, ecological damage and insurance liability.
More than 40 percent of pipeline system leaks and ruptures are caused by damage from outside force, and more than half of all cable service outages are caused by excavation damage.While disruption of a telecommunications network is not as inherently dangerous, it can be expensive and inconvenient, impacting traffic control systems, health services and emergency response activities. The importance of minimizing underground utility strikes and their consequences cannot be denied.

Using Hydro Excavation Services in such situations can avoid:

  • “Hits” or “strikes” on underground utility lines, cables and pipes
  • High costs to repair damaged infrastructure
  • Costs and inconvenience of interrupted utility services
  • Serious injury or death to workers and the public
  • Liability and increased insurance costs
  • Loss of a company’s reputation, revenues and employee morale
In addition, hydro excavation services can improve overall productivity and efficiency for contractors, municipalities and utilities.